Special Report from deep inside the “Sunshine State Insider’s Club”…
I Just Spent $3,402.57 So You Can See For Yourself What 1,000+ Hardcore Marketers and Entrepreneurs Gladly Paid $650 A Ticket To Learn...That NO One Else Will Hear About For Years!
I Just Spent $3,402.57 So You Can See For Yourself What 1,000+ Hardcore Marketers and Entrepreneurs Gladly Paid $650 A Ticket To Learn...That NO One Else Will Hear About For Years!
Magnetically pull in more high-value clients who truly “get it” - and see real, rapid, dependable growth in your business - without having to rely on confusing trends and tricks that will be out-of-date by the time you master them…
(The best part is: you don’t even have to get out of bed to do it!)
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Hey there, Tim Castleman here.

Not long ago, I learned that Minnesota’s state bird is the common loon.

As in “crazy as a...” 

People actually started saying that because the loon makes a noise that sometimes sounds like a madman’s screams.

Which I thought was interesting considering the fact that some of the people I met on my 2-day trip to Minneapolis, MN seemed to have gone a little crazy…

Some took red-eye flights in from the other side of the world…

Some lived out of their cars just to be there…

Some even dropped two grand at a shot so they wouldn’t miss a minute…

And that was before the cocktail parties, all-night networking, and competition to give the single most impressive presentation kicked into high gear.

I personally plunked down over $3,000 to fly myself and my team out.

It was amazing…

It was magic…

Sometimes it was kind of scary…

It was Leadpages’ Converted 2017.

And whether you experienced it for yourself or couldn’t make it this year… I’ve got good news…

My team and I flew out on a mission to infiltrate the “Sunshine State Insiders’ Club” for a reason… 

And if you’re remotely serious about your business - which I know you are - you’re not going to want to miss out on this. 

But first -
Let Me Tell You About the 40 World-Class Presenters  
Leadpages Has Assembled For This One-of-a-Kind Event
It’s an understatement to say that every speaker at Converted 2017 is a heavyweight in their field.

The guest list may surprise you…
Kevin Smith
Keynote Speaker 

Kevin Smith started his career as a low-budget filmmaker... and built a multi-media empire with movies, TV shows, and one of the most successful podcasts in history! 
Clay Collins
Co-founder of Leadpages

Clay was personally responsible for over 48K paid subscribers and the point man behind Leadpages' acquisition of Drip.co, the leading marketing automation platform for SMBs.
Joanna Wiebe
Co-founder of Copy Hackers and Airstory

Joanna is one of the most avidly followed and widely respected professionals in business and sales copy.
Molly Pittman
Vice President and Traffic Manager for Digital Marketer

Molly is personally responsible for creating, optimizing, and maintaining Digital Marketer's perpetual "rush hour" traffic.
Pat Flynn
Founder and CEO of SmartPassiveIncome.com

Pat made his first $3 million in passive income and now teaches other "regular people" how to replicate his success.
Teresa Heath-Wareing
Founder and Company Director at THW Marketing

Teresa is a distinguished author and social media expert with over 12 years' experience working for a range of international brands.
Brennan Dunn
Founder of Double Your Freelancing

Brennan worked as a freelancer for 7 years before creating Double Your Freelancing to help entrepreneurs scale their sales through smart automation and effortlessly sell their products.
Nathalie Lussier
Founder of AmbitionAlly

Nathalie is a digital strategist and online marketing master who specializes in helping small business owners develop money-making ideas that match their ambition.
Will Hamilton
Owner, Fuzzy Yellow Balls

Will is the owner and guiding force behind Fuzzy Yellow Balls, a six-figure niche education site where tennis players around the world can improve their game for free online.
Bob Jenkins
Manager of Marketing Education at Leadpages

Bob grew his personal email list to 30,000+ subscribers and has trained thousands of entrepreneurs on list building strategies while contributing to Leadpages' rapid growth using his email marketing strategies.
Dave Lee
CEO of PlusThis

Dave created PlusThis - a massive vault of add-ons and integrations - to make Infusionsoft, Drop, and Ontraport as easy and effective as possible for busy SMBs and entrepreneurs.
Jim Pedicone
Director of Marketing at Design Pickle

Jim has made it his professional mission to provide SMBs and entrepreneurs with professional design, so they can stop agonizing over getting their "look" right and get back to business.
Nate Grahek
Founder of StickyAlbums

Nate built his company from 0 to 1.5K customers in 3 months... with no programming experience or venture capital by making it possible for photographers to leverage mobile technology to get more out of their businesses.
Andy Fossett
Co-Founder and CEO of GMB Fitness 

Andy is a lifelong martial artist and former schoolteacher who created GMB Fitness to give users the physical autonomy to pursue what they love with smart, fun exercises that defy the usual physical education program.
Josh Braaten
Co-Founder and CEO of Brandish Insights

Josh created Brandish Insights - the world's first brand analytics platform - to provide entrepreneurs and SMBs with a "Google Analytics" for their brand, helping them improve performance and better revenue outcomes.
Anna Jacobsen
Education Director of Leadpages' Drip Consultant Certification Program

Anna is the creator of Drip's Consultant Certification Program which she uses to teach startups how to modernize their email marketing.
Pretty impressive, right?

And this year at Converted, Leadpages challenged every single one of those people to share something they would normally keep in the strictest confidence…

Their most unconventional, “out-there” methods… and the results.

Which means everyone in attendance got an up-close-and-personal look at the bleeding edge of what’s working right now to fuel some of the biggest businesses in the world.

Usually, if you wanted even so much as a glimpse at this kind of information, you’d have to either be a paying client or an employee working for one of these marketers.

If you were a client, you’d have to invest thousands of dollars before they revealed anything to you… and even then they wouldn’t show you their entire hand.

And if you worked for them, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have you sign some pretty air-tight non-compete contracts to keep you from capitalizing on their expertise.

See why I call this the “Sunshine State Insiders’ Club”?
The Genetic Predisposition That Makes Events Like Converted A Goldmine Of Information You Can’t Get Anywhere Else
Not only does the alcohol flow pretty freely at big events like Converted… you have to remember that part of what got the presenters where they are in the world is the fact that they’re highly-competitive types.

It’s in their DNA to try to one-up everyone else.

And when you get them all together and say “show us your most shocking stuff”… let’s just say there’s an extremely high chance some people’s mouths will run away with them and they’ll say more than they intended.

That’s why people buy tickets so far in advance and pack into these events...

That’s why people take red-eye flights from the other side of the world to be there...

That’s why people - myself included once upon a time - sleep in their cars when they can’t afford a hotel room...

That’s why people drop hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on a single ticket...

And that’s why we make it our business to be there… so you don’t have to.
How Converted’s “Everything-All-At-Once” Approach Can Give Just About Any Marketer A Major Leg Up, Regardless Of Where They Are Or Where They Came From
One of the greatest things about events like Converted is that they center around a big idea concept like “conversion”…

Then they invite experts with a wide-range of personal experience with that concept to create a comprehensive, everything-all-at-once perspective. 

Which means you get an in-depth look at exactly what’s working now - not theory… not ideas that may never pan out… not pie-in-the-sky concepts that might work, in the right situation…

What’s actually working in and beyond your own business or niche.

A unique, invaluable vantage point whether you’re…
  •  A marketer looking to consistently exceed your team’s revenue goals so you can actually enjoy going to work...
  •  A business owner who’s hit the wall with every other strategy you’ve tried and are ready for a dependable way to generate sales and create repeat customers... 
  •  An entrepreneur ready to find that missing piece that’s prevented you from achieving rapid growth...
  •  An executive who’s looking for a way to get your company back to the forefront of your industry - and keep it there...
  •  A service provider looking for conversion strategies to bring in better-paying customers...
  •  A local business owner who wants to expand your reach beyond your zip code… and your revenue beyond your projections...
  •  A marketing consultant looking to stay on the cutting edge of conversion-based marketing for your clients...
  •  An author, blogger, podcaster, or speaker who’s looking to attract a bigger audience.
  •  A real estate professional, doctor, dentist, chiropractor, lawyer, fitness professional, store owner, or other independent business owner who’d like to find more clients through digital marketing without having to devote every second to tactics that will be out-of-date by the time you master them... 
Basically, if you’re in business to make more money…

or if you’re one of those freethinkers who wants to grow instead of settle

Converted 2017 has the big “ah-ha!” moment that will change your business… and your future.
Your Personal Invitation To Take Advantage Of Me 
Going to events - no matter who they have on the guest list or who you know that’s going or what signature drinks they have to offer - is easier said than done.

It’s a serious commitment. Not only in money, but in time and energy.

I get it. I do.

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was at the point where investing $1,000 - $2,000 on an event like this meant a steady diet of ketchup sandwiches…

I couldn’t bring myself to beg, borrow, or steal.

You shouldn’t have to either.

Nowadays, I make it my business to be at events like Converted… because I want you to take advantage of me.

I flew my team of note-takers out to this event - paid for hotels, food, drinks, the whole shebang…

…and we had a great time and learned a lot we’ll all personally benefit from. (We’d be “crazy as a loon” not to.)

But - at the end of the day - our business is bringing you the finest event notes you can find anywhere

Not just some cool things that stood out to us… not random, disconnected thoughts and impressions that make no sense a few days later…

The official “chronicle” of who said what, why it mattered, and how to put it to maximum use fast.

Every speaker

Every strategy…

Everything you need to put the power of Converted to work in your business the day you get our notes.

That’s why we’re officially sanctioned by the event coordinators to collect and sell these notes. 

Those people put a huge amount of time, money, and effort into making events like Converted high-value, can’t-miss special occasions people happily buy tickets to a year or more in advance. 

Which means they take our notes as seriously as we do… they’re the official, authorized record of Converted 2017.
You Decide Where - I’ll Bring It There!
“You had to be there.”

That’s what people will say about Converted 2017.

Which is easier said than done when you starting adding everything up…

I personally spent:  
  •  $1,300 on tickets to the event… 
  •  $1,039.98 on airfare…
  •  $1,062.59 on the hotel… 
Your mileage may vary, but there’s no getting around the fact that getting to these big events is a major commitment of time and money.

But here’s the good news— I’ve got you covered.

Over the past 5 years, my team and I have become the unrivaled experts at taking the best notes in the business.

We’ve put together Funnel Hacking Live Notes... Traffic and Conversion Summit Notes… IM Summer Camp Notes… Todd Brown’s Marketing Funnel Automation Notes... and much more.

And we’ve made our reputation on going to great lengths to record every detail from ALL the guest speakers.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll get with my event notes:
As you can see, we don’t let anything slip through the cracks.


You get to stay home…

You get to save your money…

And you get to put our notes to work for your business on your schedule.

Even better— we spend a single week cleaning up and formatting our event notes so you can search for what you need, when you need it.

I think it’s more than fair to say that our notes are the next best thing to being there…

…especially when you consider that attendees spent anywhere from $650 to $2,000… I personally spent $1,300…

…and - if you jump on this now before the price goes up - you only have to spend $34.

That’s mega-generous offer… but how can you be sure you’re spending that $34 wisely?

Here’s what people who’ve bought my notes in the past have to say…
97% Satisfaction Guarantee
I don’t offer a 100% money-back guarantee on my event notes for good reason…

You wouldn’t, either.

The nature of our notes makes it far too easy for a few unscrupulous people to buy them, copy the contents, and mass-produce pirated copies.

That happens sometimes anyway.

But I can’t in good conscience make it so easy for those people to take advantage of the event coordinators who’ve put their trust in me.

At the same time I can’t say to you, “here’s my 100% satisfaction guarantee,” when you’re not getting 100% of the event.

The truth of the matter is, you’re not getting everything. 

You’re not getting claustrophobia on a long plane ride with your knees crammed up to your stomach and no elbow room...
…you’re not getting to wonder who may have slept in your hotel room bed and what they may have done in their spare time…

…and you’re not getting left disillusioned at the bar with big promises from people you’re thrilled to meet… that, for whatever reason, never really pan out. 

Our notes are not the full Converted experience… and that’s good.

Instead of having to travel, you can stay home…

Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars, you only have to spend $34…

Instead of inevitably missing out on something you would have liked to hear, you get all the takeaways from every speaker… 

And instead of having to fit your life around Converted’s schedule, you can fit Converted into your life - wherever and whenever is most convenient for you. 

When you compare $34 to $650, I think you’ll see… if you only take away ONE game-changing idea from my notes… that you don’t need a guarantee… 

Because you’ve got nothing to lose. 
Pre-Order Your Converted 2017 Event Notes Now And Save!
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But let’s focus on something other than cost for a minute…

And this is important…

What are these notes actually worth to you? What will you get out of them? 

With all the speakers listed above and everything I’ve told you about the lengths LeadPages has gone to make Converted 2017 their new standard of excellence… 

Don’t you think you’ll be able to find one thing in 100+ pages of notes that could make a change for the better in your business? 


This isn’t some slapped together ebook or warmed-over course about some tactic that won’t work this time next year…

This is the definitive, “live on location” report on Converted 2017. 

Don’t miss out on the experience just because you couldn’t be there. 

Get your copy of my Converted 2017 event notes now. 
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